Memorial Cards / T-Shirts

Memorial Cards

Memorial Cards are used in memory of a deceased family member or friend with a donation to the Columbus Forum Scholarship Fund.
If you would like to use our memorial cards Contact:  Marylouise DeNicola at or click: Marylouise DeNicola


In Memory of                         From

Lucille Ciullo                           Rocco Gigante

Lucille Ciullo                           Marylouise DeNicola

Ralph Devina                          Gigante Family

William Genz                          Marylouise DeNicola

Bobby Giuliani                        Rich Cecchine 

Charles Linenberg                 Rocco Gigante

Henry Marrioth                     Paul & Andrea DiGiovani

Gene Mumper                        Rich Cecchine

Marie Nardone                      Rocco Gigante

Marie Nardone                      Mr. & Mrs.J.Mohancs & Son

Marie Nardone                      Mr. & Mrs. Harvey

Marie Nardone                      Mr. & Mrs. P. DiGiovanni & Daughter

Salvatore Oliano                    Marylouise DeNicola

William Paulin                       Rocco Gigante       

Orlando Pomponi                  Angela & Stephen Manning

Arthur Ruggia                        Dominic Marinucci                        

Louis Spagnolitti                    Mr. & Mrs. P. DiGiovanni & Daughter

Jeanette Taraborelli               Rich Cecchine       


Tee Shirts

Columbus Forum hoodies and tee shirts are now available.

Tee (Short sleeve) $10

Tee (Long sleeve ) $15

Hoodies $25

To purchase contact Sal Ferraro:

Long and short sleeve tee shirts will be available to purchase at the annual President’s dinner.

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