Columbus Forum
Lodge 1492
Order Sons of Italy in America


The focus of the Columbus Forum Educator’ Lodge 1492 of the Sons of Italy in America is to encourage, assist and guide qualified Italian-American employees of the School District of Philadelphia in achieving their highest personal and professional potentials.

Our second objective is to focus on educational programs that provide substantial scholarship support to American students of Italian descent. To this end, the Columbus Forum offers a mentoring program and a scholarship program to children and grandchildren of its members.

Our third objective is to foster an increased awareness of and a supportive interest in the collective role of the Italian-American Community as a reflection of its cultural heritage and to preserve and promote the cultural heritage of Americans of Italian descent.



We have a brand-new year ahead of us, let us pledge to make it a year filled with positive thoughts and counting our blessings. Let me start by wishing you love, friendship and good health.

I hope each of you will be able to join your friends in the Forum at some of the events coming up this year.  The Executive Council will be meeting to plan events for the year once it is safe. Please go on the website or see emails for announcements of events.

The Columbus Forum Lodge is a member of the East Region of the Sons of Italy in America with 12 other Lodges. 

The Columbus Forum 2020 dinner was postponed until October 14, 2021.  We will be honoring the 2020 awardees at that time.   If you paid for the 2020 dinner, you are paid for the 2021 dinner.  A flyer will be coming out in the spring with the dinner information. Our 2020 Scholarships were given to the awardees in June 2020.  See Scholarship tab for the 2021 applications. Two 2021 scholarships are for any child, member or non-member.  One is for a senior in a Philadelphia School District High School and one is for a child presently in college.  The other scholarships are for children or grandchildren of Forum members. If you have children who are eligible for any of the scholarships or know of anyone eligible, please give them the form to complete and return. I hope you can attend the dinner where we could socialize with our friends.

If you have information on a member and would like to share with members, please email Renee Novello.

Have a safe and Happy New Year!!

Marylouise De Nicola