Memorial Cards / T-Shirts

Memorial Cards

Memorial Cards are used in memory of a deceased family member or friend with a donation to the Columbus Forum Scholarship Fund.
If you would like to use our memorial cards Contact:  Marylouise DeNicola at or click: Marylouise DeNicola


In Memory of                         From

Andrew Angiolillo                Cathy Muffi

Linda Ciullo                           Anthony & Marylouise DeNicola

Lola M. Fusco                         Dominic Marinucci

Basil Nicosia                          Anthony& Marylouise DeNicola

Anthony Quercetti                Dominic Marinucci

Robin L. Ricci                         Anna & Thomas Nannay

Joseph Squillacotti                Marylouuise DeNicola

Algisa Tocco                          Anthony & Marylouise DeNicola

Christine Frangipani            Arlene DiGironomo

Christine Frangipani            John Frangipani

Christine Frangipani            Ted& Rose Kochanski

Christine Frangipani             Catherine Muffi

Christine Frangipani             Karen Ann Tet



Tee Shirts

Columbus Forum hoodies and tee shirts are now available.

Tee (Short sleeve) $10

Tee (Long sleeve ) $15

Hoodies $25

To purchase contact Sal Ferraro:

Long and short sleeve tee shirts will be available to purchase at the annual President’s dinner.

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