Columbus Forum
Lodge 1492
Order Sons of Italy in America


The focus of the Columbus Forum Educator’ Lodge 1492 of the Sons of Italy in America is to encourage, assist and guide qualified Italian-American employees of the School District of Philadelphia in achieving their highest personal and professional potentials.

Our second objective is to focus on educational programs that provide substantial scholarship support to American students of Italian descent. To this end, the Columbus Forum offers a mentoring program and a scholarship program to children and grandchildren of its members.

Our third objective is to foster an increased awareness of and a supportive interest in the collective role of the Italian-American Community as a reflection of its cultural heritage and to preserve and promote the cultural heritage of Americans of Italian descent.


  May 2017


As you know the term of the Presidency of Augy Pescatore has come to a close.  We would like to take this opportunity to thank him for his hard work and commitment to our group. During his presidency, Augy, in his quiet manner, was a force for change such as adding new members, and continuing to try to offer our services. We now are on board with serving dinners at the Gift of Life, in addition to our work at the Mc Donald House. Our scholarship fund has increased and we have added additional scholarships. He helped to increase the credibility of our association. Augy is very proud of his Italian heritage, and has promoted our culture, our traditions, and our contributions to society.

His devotion to the Columbus Forum will be difficult to match.  However, he has given us all many examples of how to get the job done well. If you ever needed assistance, Augy was there, even before you asked. When President Obama left his office, and may I quote from his final message, he stated that the American people made him a better man. Augy, as you leave your presidency, may I say from all of us, that we are all better men and women because of your presidency of the Columbus forum.

Thank you for your attendance at our recent President’s Dinner. A good time was had by all. The dinner is always an opportunity to renew friendships with former co-workers, to see the happy faces of our retirees and learn about their present endeavors, and to meet new members who recently joined our group. As you know, proceeds are used to fund our scholarships. We are grateful to the many vendors, members and others who placed ads in our program book and provided our auction gifts.

I would like to remind all our members that you are very welcome to join the Executive Committee for our monthly meeting. We want to create an atmosphere where vital information and ideas can be exchanged and implemented. We meet on the third Tuesday of every month from 5:30 to 7:30 PM. We will be meeting at a new venue beginning on May 16,2017. Our meeting will be held at the Annunciation Rectory located at 10th and Dickinson Streets and parking is available in the yard.  We look forward to the honor of your presence. You will be receiving a survey that we urged you to complete. We are looking for ideas from you to make our association more engaging. We will share the results of our survey with all of you. We have a great group, so I know we will generate many exciting ideas.

The Columbus Forum’s main vehicle is the annual President’s Dinner. We raise money for many worthy charitable causes, such as our contributions this past year to Italy’s Relief Fund after their earthquakes. We honor our scholarship winners and acknowledge our community leaders.  This year the Columbus forum will celebrate our 50th anniversary.  We want this anniversary to be a very Gala Event. Presently, the Executive Committee is now seeking out various venues to celebrate our Gala.

The date of our event will be Thursday, March 22, 2018, so please save the date.

We will soon be forming various committees to make our Golden Anniversary, one that we will all remembered in years to come. We will send out to all members a list of committees that are needed for the event.  We welcome and appreciate having members join the Executive Committee in planning our Affair to Remember.

As ideas are offered, we will be sure to past them on to our membership.

Recently, we sent you an email regarding statements made by the head of the National Education Agency, Lily Garcia, in which she urged the various school districts to celebrate the second Monday Of October, the federal Columbus Day Holiday as El Dia de la Razza and Indigenous People Day. OSIA is the largest organization of Italian Americans.  Our Mission is to promote the Italian culture, culture, and the contributions that our ancestors have made to this country and the world. We also sent you a copy of a letter that you can use to help formulate your own personal letter to her. We need to help her to understand that we are not going to allow this to happen. Please try to get others to send letters to her as well.  If she receives enough pressure from all over the country, she may change her stance on this. Thank you for taking the time out of your very busy schedules to do this.

Marie Pizzi Bonner

President, Columbus Forum, OSIA, #1492

If you have any information you would like to share with your fellow members contact Renee Novello so she can add it to the Website.